Friday, June 29, 2012

Types of Homes in Minnetonka, MN

There are so many different homes in Minnetonka MN that buyers can choose from. However, certain types of homes are more “in” at the moment. These are the ones that have greater value right now but that are well worth the extra cost if you’re into being modern and in style!

For those who like “big city style” without all of the hustle and bustle of an actual big city, condo style homes make a great choice. These homes are usually long in nature and tend to be somewhat plain and practical on the outside but very spacious and beautiful on the inside. Townhouse style homes, also known as “side by side” homes are popular examples of “big city style” as well. However, these homes aren’t a smart choice for those who crave a ton of privacy or who don’t like being very near to their neighbors! If you like the town house style but want to do your own thing, then you might think about detached style town homes instead.

Twin homes, which will have you seeing double, are adorable and all the rage right now! Then, you’ve also got three level split style homes, bi-level split entry style homes, and one story rambler styles, all of which are hot commodities right now. There are many other popular styles of homes in Minnetonka MN that could work for you as well, or you could just be daring and different and go your own way in terms of style.

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